Monday, August 3, 2015

We really were in Anaheim California, here we are with the President and Sister Taggart, president  of the California Anaheim Mission.

                    We were there for two weeks being part of the rescue and teaching with the Sisters.
There is so much need, even here in the states!


We are finally in Brisbane, Australia!  We have hit the tarmac running!  Literally!  We have had Specialized Training with 10 zones of Elders and Sisters all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, . . . we think, we met 90% of  the Elder and Sisters in the mission!  It's all a BLUR!

We also had Member Missionary Training on Thursday night and Friday night and a meeting to confirm training for another Member Missionary Training that we did Sunday morning.  These Member Missionary Training meetings are with President and Sister Henderson, us and 3 other couples.  We, of course, had no idea it was going to be this intense with President and Sister Henderson!  (HAHA!)

Part of this Mission are Elders and Sisters from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Mainland China, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and several other Island Countries.  Many languages are being spoken in the Mission.  A Chinese missionary will learn and speak English and an English speaking missionary will learn Chinese and teach the Chinese.  Same for the Samoan and Tongans.  It is so incredible how the Lord assists these missionaries with the language.

We have visited the Brisbane Temple grounds a couple of times and experienced the beauty around the Temple.
This is a photo of the sunset Friday night July 24th, as we came out of a baptism in the chapel next door to the Temple.  We saw this as we looked across the street and across the Brisbane River.

 In front of the Brisbane Temple.  Looking across the Brisbane River.

In front of the Brisbane Temple.

Looking across the Brisbane River, as we were tanding in front of the Brisbane Temple.

This is Cleveland Point Park.  We went here after church today with the Hendersons.

We found out tonight, we are on our way to Cairns (pronounced Cans) on Tuesday. (Cairns is 1100 miles north of Brisbane).  We will assist with 5 branches in the Cairns District. (Cairns Branch 1, Cairns Branch 2, Innisfail, Atherton and Thursday Island).  Innisfail and Atherton are about 90 minutes opposite directions from Cairns).  Thursday Island is a 500 miles north of Cairns and close to New Guinea.   Fellow shipping, training, assisting the Elders and Sisters, Missionary Proselyting and doing every thing we deem necessary to assist the members there.  We think this experience will be similar to what we did in South Africa, which we will love and are looking forward to this new adventure.  We will driving our car from Brisbane to Cairns,  filled to the hilt!

On our long drive to Cairns (about a 20 hour drive), We stopped at the Billabong Animal Sanctuary outside of Townsville.   Here we saw some of what Australia is famous for.  The Crocodiles, Kangaroos and the Koala Bears.  They are amazing animals.

President and Sister Henderson arrived in Cairns on Friday night to conduct some interviews and meet with the Elders and Sisters.    We met at 6:15 Saturday morning to all exercise together.  We hiked the trail of the Cairns Botanical Gardens to a beautiful overlook of the city, at sunrise.  It was spectacular.   Here are the Elders and Sisters in our Cairns District
Elders and Sisters in the Cairns District.

We stay in a nice 3 bedroom flat.  Here are some pictures of where we live.   Cairns is in tropical rain forest and much like living in Hawaii.  Its absolutely beautiful here.   Its winter now and the temperatures are perfect.  About 60 degrees in the evening and 75 to 80 in the daytime.   We understand the summers are pretty warm and humid, but we can deal with that. (we had the same in South Africa when we were there.)  Notice how green and beautiful everything is.

Back Patio
Side Patio

 Front yard
We will write again,

Love you all, Elder and Sister Boyce

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  1. How fun to see where you're at and hear that you are already busy teaching and sharing the gospel! We love you and miss you so much! Keep up the great work! PS the kids love the animal pics!