Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time is flying - we haven't written since March 10th and we are sorry to be so negligent.
Really, time is has gone so fast and we haven't enough of IT to get everything done that we need to do.  So unfortunate for the "blog" it's the last thing on the list!

Since we last posted .  .  .  .  .  the boring stuff is  .  .  .  .  . 
*We've put 6,000 miles on our car  :| 
*We've had more sick Elders  :( 
*Another Elder arrested for speeding :(
*We've petted a giraffe  :) 
*A couple of car accidents for the Elders (not us)   :( :(  
*Prepared & planted a garden for a less active family, with the help of another less active Bro. :)  :)  
*Put security bars on windows of a home of an investigator FAMILY, (their baptism date is May26th :) :) :) 
*Made 9 birthday cakes for Elders in our Zones :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
*Had an Elder crashes on his bike and he got up off the ground just in time to watch as a car ran over and smashed his eye glasses :-(
*Traveled to Mthatha and Queenstown to inspect flats, repair a frig, haul a washer to be repaired          attended a District Meeting :) :( :(
*New Elder Training at our flat (Monday 22 - Dinner -16)  :)
*East London Zone Meeting (Tuesday 23 - lunch - 26)  :)
*Queenstown Zone Meeting (Wednesday 24 - lunch - 22)   :)
*Mdantsane Zone Meeting (Thursday 25 - lunch - 20)  :)
*Trained and taught Leaders with President and Sister Wood at the Port Alfred Branch Conference, :) :):)
*Went to Port Elizabeth to the Makro Store for Elders supplies - (a Costco wanna-be store!)  :) *Inspected Elders flats and vehicles,  some :) and some :(
*Hair Cuts for Elders, :) :)
*Practiced many hours and performed a concert with the Young Single Adult Choir - a choir with 25    YSA kids and 4 older adults - Elder and Sister Boyce being 2  .  .  .  of the older adults  :) :) :) *Enjoyed some amazing weather, :) :) :) :)
*Rode our bikes next to the ocean at sunrise, :) :)
*Ran along the Gonubie eastern shore of the Indian Ocean at sunrise, :) :) 
*Taught Sharing Time and Primary Songs to some beautiful Primary children, :) :) :)
*And many memorable and tender experiences - :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

This little lady was walking along this road which runs parallel to the ocean.  It was raining and cold - I was running when I ran past her.  Notice she is bare footed, no coat or jacket, but was wrapped in plastic.  I stopped and gave her my running sweatshirt that I had tied around my waist.  Ren was driving along side of me and gave her a R5 coin.  She really was happy - I think that is the biggest smile she could muster up!

We had the assistants in our home on Monday and Friday of last week.  They spent the night on Friday.  When they got up the next morning we took a picture of the ELDER ZARBOCK's shoes.  He is very proud of them.  Elder Twitchell's are just as bad if not worse - he is proud as well - WELL WORN SHOES . . . much walking!  Grandma and Grandpa, Julie and Buddy that is Elder Zarbock's hand.

Petting a giraffe or having a Giraffe pet US!

Putting in bars on windows of an investigator.  Too many of their possessions were being stolen out of their home, so we secured it well.
The white lattice bars in the inside are the bars we installed. Elder's Carlson, Manda, Ndlovu and Oyiembo assisted along with the investigators little girl, Kelly.  Kelly, by the way, is 6 and speaks 3 languages, English, Khosa and Africans!  The Dad (Iyanda) is in the white shirt with the blue and red stripe next to me.

A garden that was called "powerful" by those who planted it!  The Mom and Dad, 2 boys ages 13 and 15, and a daughter 17 all helped.

We do have amazing missionary experiences daily. 
While traveling to meet with some Elder’s in Mthatha ( 3 hour drive - pronunciation Mmm Tata) and Queenstown (another 3 hours drive), we were halfway between Mthatha and Queenstown in the vast countryside and had a flat tire. This seemed unusual because our tires on our vehicle are relatively new.  I changed the tire and put the spare on and drove on to Queenstown.   It was late when we arrived so I got up early the next morning and went looking for a tire shop in Queenstown, there were several.  I selected one and fully expected to just leave the tire there and pick it up later in the day.  At the shop I selected, there were many cars in the bays to be repaired or have tires put on them, but the sales clerk told me he would get me in immediately.  I pulled in and they attempted to fix my tire, but there was no hole or nail or anything that would cause the tire to go flat.  Somehow it had just lost all the air.   They filled it full of air and re-installed it on my car.   I went to pay the bill and the clerk told me, “we are not going to charge you for this.  You are with the Church and represent Jesus and I thank you for that.  We need more of you people here to help us”.   

As I was getting ready to leave the shop, another attendant came up to me and said,  “I know where your church is and I want to attend, do you have any literature for me to read”.  I quickly jumped at the opportunity to share the gospel.  I gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to start reading it and come to church on Sunday.  I filled out all his contact information and gave it to the missionaries assigned to where he lives.  He has a great interest and desire in the gospel, my feeling is that he will become a member of the church. 

Was I supposed to have a flat tire, even though I had new tires on the car and there was really no reason for the tire to go flat?  Was I directed to have my tire fixed at this particular repair shop?  Was it by chance that I got in quickly and was able to share the gospel with the service attendant and not even charged for the repair?   The Lord works in incredible subtle ways.  Have we shared HOW MUCH WE LOVE THIS WORK.

One more - 

April 18th thru the 26th was particularly busy and taxing - meals for New Elder Training, Zone Meetings with lunches and in addition we were hosting Assistants and the Mission President and Sister Wood, Elder and Sister Van Gass (area Psychologist visiting our area for Zone Meetings) with breakfasts and dinners in our home during the same time.  Friday came and we had a full day ahead of us and we got in the car to take care of our list for the day - I sat down in the car and an overwhelming feeling came over me and I felt like I couldn't do any more that day little alone the rest of the week and it was only 8:00 am! . . . but playing on the car CD player was one of our homemade CD's and I heard - "Because I Have Been Given Much" - I knew the Lord was aware of me, what we had done that week and what we still had to do - I knew I was so blessed - we have far beyond what anyone in this country has . . . I can do it and I will! - HE will help me!

Again, we need more of you experienced members out here as missionaries.  There is much to be done and we can't do it all by ourselves Having us do it by ourselves, as a great Elder once said, is like "stuffing a turkey thru the beak!!"  We can't do it!

Love to you all!

Elder and Sister Boyce
South Africa Cape Town Mission
54 Hazy Ridge – 9 Swallow Lane
Gonubie, East London 52517
Eastern Cape, 5241
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