Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We completed our mission to South Africa in June of 2014.   It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by!  We both got right back into work and life with the kids and grandkids.

It quickly seemed like the 18 months we spent in South Africa was a blur. We yearned for the same feelings we had when we were in South Africa. About the same time we were called to South Africa President Lon Henderson was called to serve as a Mission President in Brisbane Australia.  We were thinking about the possibility of serving another mission and we made contact with President and
Sister Henderson.   His immediate response was, "Yes, we would love to have you come and help us."
We fasted and prayed about leaving so quickly, and talked to our kids and 9 little grandkids.  We also talked to our business partners about leaving and they said, "Go, we received more blessings when you were gone serving".   So receiving love and encouragement from our kids and grandkids, we're on our way again.

Not surprising, we were officially called to serve in Brisbane, Australia to leave on June 29th.   To get an Australian Visa is quite a process.   Australian immigration was naturally concerned about our time spent in South Africa.   We were required to obtain a police clearance from South Africa and special medical clearances.    We finally received the needed documents.   We waited and waited.  We could see the 29th of June coming and not having our visas, so we asked for a temporary assignment until our visa's arrived.  We were called to serve in the California, Anaheim mission.  We are serving in Disneyland. How great is that?  We have been here in Anaheim, for the past 2 weeks.  We were assigned to the Anaheim 1st Ward and have been visiting the lost sheep and actually teaching investigators.  We have been with the Elders and Sisters here and have thoroughly enjoyed what we have been doing.  We have learned on Friday the 10th that our visas have been approved.   We will be on our way to Brisbane this week. Leaving from St. George on Sunday evening the 19th of July and arriving in Brisbane on Tuesday morning the 21st of July.  We can hardly wait to get there and start our adventure.

We are continuing the same blog we set up when we were in South Africa.  Some of you may want to look at what we did there.  We also will have an Instagram account for those who would like to  follow our blog, and also see the pictures we post on Instagram.   To get Instagram you have to download the application and search for Debbieboyce9.  It will then send us a request and we can accept you to follow our Instagram.

                Here's our amazingly supportive kids and grand kids!!!  Aren't they all the cutest!

We've had the opportunity to attend the Newport Temple twice this week.  Once for a session with our Zone and once with the ward to help with baptisms.  What a beautiful temple!

 Fireworks over Anaheim Angels Stadium on JULY 4TH!  The stadium is right next to our apartment complex!
Signing off till we get down under next week!!
Elder and Sister Boyce