Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's Sunday evening and we're organizing and planning for the coming week.  We ran across some photos we took when we first arrived in Cape Town back on December 28th.  The office couples took us around Cape Town and showed us several sites that they thought we would enjoy and that maybe we wouldn't get back to Cape Town to view.
So along with Table Mountain Hike, that we have already posted, here are some views from Cape of Good Hope.  Cape of Good Hope is where the warm Indian Ocean meets the cold Atlantic Ocean and the wind is always at gale force!!

 This is Simon's Town Beach - where the only African Penguins hangout!

Below are some pictures taken at a beautiful garden in Cape Town on December 30!!

These two pictures are of some kids in our ward area - Mdantsane.  Notice the the little boy carrying his stuffed animal on his back.  He's imitating his mom - moms carry their babies like this.
You may remember our Elder that we had to rescue out of jail for speeding - here he is!

We love what we're doing!  The people are very humble and gracious.  The missionaries are so grateful for what we do for them.  We sure do stay busy!
Love to you all!


  1. These pictures are amazing! What a great adventure for both of you. I look forward to hearing about the great work you are doing. You will make such an impact on those you meet. Love, Diane Prince

  2. I love those hydrangeas. I wish I had them in my yard! Looks fun. Love you.

  3. We missed out on seeing the penguins while we were there.....guess we'll have to go back!! Looks like you guys are doing great!