Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hi everyone!!  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
Well, our 29.5 hour flight to Cape Town South Africa is in the past!  We are here!  We arrived yesterday about noon and were picked up at the airport by the Hendersons, an office couple from Far West, Utah.  We piled all our luggage into two cars they brought from the mission office, we warned them that we had 6 pieces of luggage, with 4 smaller carry-ons!  They came prepared!
We dropped off our luggage at a bed and breakfast that we will be staying at for a few days till our interview with President Wood on Tuesday.  It's a very cute and clean B & B.
We are extremely tired but the Hendersons insist on keeping us awake for a few hours - the best thing for over-tired missionaries who have just flown for nearly 30 hours!
Besides the bank, the grocery store and lunch, we went to sight seeing places like Signal Hill, Mariner's Wharf and Mall, then dinner and finally back to our B & B and a bed!

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